Older Homes with Modern Kitchens

One of the dilemmas facing owners with older homes is creating a modern, functional, beautiful kitchen space that doesn't seem out of place. Few people want to live in a museum, replicating a kitchen exactly as it would have been when the house was first built. But home owners also don't want to lose the details, charm, and feeling of their older home. Bridging the divide between a vintage home with a lot of architectural detail and modern functionality can be especially tricky. 

Platinum Kitchen Designs helps home owners bridge that divide by offering one of the hottest trends in 2017, the "Modern Traditional." Modern Traditional kitchens combine the details and interesting wood work of architecturally significant home styles with hidden appliance storage, clean lines, and lots of work space. 

Customers can mix and match cabinet colors and styles to pull together design elements of the home. Dishwashers and refrigerators can be hidden behind cabinet fronts, coffee makers and other appliances in pull-out storage, and entire recycling systems hidden behind tilt-front cabinets.  By working closely with your kitchen designer and pointing out the style elements of your home that you want to incorporate in your kitchen, your kitchen can achieve the Modern Traditional look.  

Alexandrea Merrell