Mixed Materials & Surprising Uses - On Trend

Kitchens, especially those on the small side, can come off looking very "matchy matchy" when all of the surfaces, cabinets, and floors share a color scheme. This makes rooms look smaller, darker, and uninspiring. 

But the current trend of using mixed materials is an antidote.

Who says your kitchen sink has to be housed in a plain box of traditional cabinets? Through creative use of legs and trim, these cabinets look like an antique piece of furniture. They also lighten up a dark kitchen. Charming!

Grey is the new neutral and here it complements and gives depth and detail to a classic white color scheme. Adding a neutral can give balance to a room that would be quite sterile and bland otherwise.

Adding a traditional statement piece to a more modern, minimalist room really brings the wow factor. This clever island is designed to look like a cherished antique, but is in fact modern cabinetry re-imagined giving this otherwise plain room a ton of character.  

Alexandrea Merrell