Luxury Walk-in Closets No Longer a Luxury

Gaining an extra bedroom after kids head off to college? Many home owners aren't downsizing, they are turning unused bedrooms into offices, craft or hobby rooms, or walk-in closets. Once considered the ultimate luxury, the spare room turned closet is one of the most popular renovations today and can add thousands of dollars to the value of a home.

A recent article Time Magazine article  suggests that some of those designer bags are a better long term investment then gold or real estate. So collectors want to make certain that those bags and accessories are well care for and on display. Glass enclosed closets provide protection from dust and moths, while easy access drawers and shelves provide storage for every day items. A wide, built-in bench doubles as storage for luggage and over-sized items.

closet 2.jpg

Of course, it's not just women's clothing that needs special care. Suits and work wear are expensive and their proper care both extends the life of the item and helps to insure that you always look your best. This minimalist and modern gentleman's closet  provides plenty of closet space and storage without being fussy or feminine. 

closet 3.jpg

This spare bedroom turned walk-in closet is the ultimate in masculinity. Space for the owner's extensive tie collection, shelves for sweaters and casual shirts and lots of wood and leather give this room the a classic club feel. 

If you are thinking about turning an unused room into a luxurious walk-in closet, contact Platinum Kitchen Designs today!

Alexandrea Merrell