Kitchen Renovation Checklist


If you are thinking about a kitchen renovation, this checklist will help you to work more effectively with your remodeling specialist. 


1. Start with your dream kitchen

Whether you love flipping through design magazines or you have a Pinterest board full of kitchens that make you go "ooohhhh," being able to share these images with your kitchen designer helps insure that you are both sharing a vision. It also allows you to focus on common design themes shared by your saved pictures and identify elements that you can bring into your own kitchen. Check out our Pinterest Board for ideas!


2. identify your kitchen issues

Are you considering a remodel simply because of aesthetics? Or does your current kitchen layout not work well for you? By identifying your kitchen issues, you can work with your kitchen designer to come up with solutions. Need more storage or larger work area? Are your cabinets and counter tops too high or too low? Does your kitchen seems too cramped to use effectively or are appliances too spread out? You should note and discuss every aspect of your kitchen that doesn't work, from lighting and outlet placement to accessibility.


3. but remember what you love

If there are elements to your current kitchen that you want to maintain, be sure to let your kitchen designer know. 


4. Consider the appliances

Updating your appliances during your remodel is a great time and money saver. But, talk to your kitchen designer before making purchases to insure that the new appliances will fit and have easy access to plumbing and power. 


5. Discuss your budget.

No matter how beautiful your new kitchen, if you have gone over budget the remodel may leave a bad taste in your mouth. The post remodel blues can be avoided if you use recommended, licensed, and insured firms and if you work out a budget with your contractor. When both sides understand and have a realistic budget, you can eliminate "sticker shock."


We are happy to help you with every aspect of your kitchen renovation project!



Alexandrea Merrell