In Investment Properties Beige is King

For investors, balancing the high-end look and feel tenants want with the durability and cost effectiveness needed to maintain a positive ROI, can be tricky. Install cheap cabinets, fixtures, and fittings and you risk alienating the top-dollar renters. Go too stylized or expensive, and you risk over spending on a kitchen without a comparable return. 

Savvy real estate investors are turning to neutral color palates and minimal, but high quality fit outs to bridge the gap.

Platinum Kitchen Designs

Beige and other earth tones are once again making the rounds in design magazines. For investors, this is great news. Beige hides dirt and wear and when coupled with durable light colored cabinets and natural wood floors, can make even small kitchen areas feel bright and airy. 

Beige works well in both traditional and modern settings and is likely to appeal to any renter's taste as it is easy to incorporate most decor styles. 

Alexandrea Merrell