Kitchen Extensions: When Adding On Makes More Sense

Modern families live in the kitchen. The kitchen is where we socialize with our friends over a glass of wine, it's where kids (and returning to school adults) do their homework, it's where we cook, and eat, and play.

But for many people, the desire to renovate their kitchen into a more engaging, family focused space is hampered by a kitchen's small size, low ceilings, or location in the house. The solution for many is to add a kitchen extension.  

Platinum Kitchen Designs

Kitchen extensions are one of the most popular home renovation projects. An extension allows a home owner to create a bright and open space, create a more architecturally dramatic space, or incorporate mixed usage into a space. 

Working with a Platinum Kitchen Designs expert can help you to determine if a kitchen extension is right for you and for your home. Call us today.

Alexandrea Merrell