The Addition is Making a Comeback in Dramatic Ways

That old saying, "bloom where you are planted" could be the current home owner's mantra as many look to expand their current properties instead of moving. Creating an addition for more bedrooms or bathrooms is very common. But many home owners are reconfiguring small homes, turning living rooms into master bedrooms or at home offices and creating, spacious, open plan living and dinning areas that provide much more livability and exceptional ROI.

A small home becomes spacious and inviting with the addition of a light-filled family room. By opening up the kitchen wall, the homeowners achieved an open plan family entertainment and dining area that allows them to enjoy their garden year round.

This "year round" addition is the perfect combination of rustic and airy, giving the home owners the perfect place to watch the seasons change. Most additions are designed to complement the style of the home.

Some home owners however seek the drama of a contrasting design. Creating a modern glass and stone addition to a traditional house creates a show stopping statement.  

The designers at Platinum Kitchen Designs can help you see the possibilities in your current home and create an amazing addition.

Alexandrea Merrell