Stunning Bars As Room Dividers

Our love affair with the open plan living, kitchen, dinning area continues. But for large spaces, it can be difficult to decorate, when the rooms don't have some definition. Using a bar is a great way to create functionality and definition while keeping the open plan,

This stunning bar provide additional prep and storage space while creating a comfy place for snacks, homework, and casual gathering.

Open plan doesn't have to be huge, with the clever use of the bar/dinning island, this smaller space packs a stylistic and functionality punch. The cool and contemporary waterfall counter tops and sleek white cabinets bring this mid century modern ranch up-to-date with style.

This open plan living, kitchen, dinning area has clearly defined areas thanks to clever ceiling and lighting design and a stately bar area. 

If you are struggling with an open plan design that just feels too inefficient, the designers at Platinum Kitchen Designs can help.

Alexandrea Merrell